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Vicky Barone is an accomplished artist, illustrator and designer.

President and Founder of A Little Moxie, LLC, Vicky Barone infuses creativity, passion and artistry into her diverse and vibrant work. Starting her career on a different path, Barone earned two degrees from Virginia Tech in Biological Systems Engineering. Quickly realizing her passion was elsewhere, she pivoted to embrace her creative side.

A self taught graphic designer, Barone developed relationships with various greeting card companies, including a successful 20 year partnership with Recycled Paper Greetings, now part of American Greetings. Seeing a need and interest in the art of inspiration, Barone launched her own brand through A Little Moxie, LLC. in 2004, where she continues to add joy to the world through her artwork now featured on thousands of greeting cards, gift products and more. 

Barone’s diverse work uses vibrant palettes, geometric patterns and playful imagery, infusing uplifting words and heart-felt messages as well as humor into everything she produces. Through curated expression, Barone’s goal is to facilitate meaningful connection and positivity in the world. Imagery, in the form of graphics, words and colors, evokes emotions that are deepened, meaningful and inspire us to be our authentic selves. 

Whether it’s a sticker with a motivational mantra, or a tiny colorful note in a lunchbox, simple messages ignite the positive feelings that are inherent in all of us, and remind us that there is always a reason to smile. Sharing kindness in any form, allows us to choose happiness each and every day which is how Vicky hopes to bring joy into the world.

When Vicky is not designing, she enjoys running (as a marathon runner), finding her zen with yoga and meditation, hiking and all that the outdoors has to offer, and going on adventures with her family and friends. Having traveled the country for most of her life, she is now rooted in North Carolina with her two sons and rescue dog.